Bijoy Trading Company: Launching a new blog

Bijoy Trading Company (BTC) is the most comprehensive store for strip steel, providing its services and expertise since past 50 years. We are a complete solution to Spring Steel Strip and one can get the widest variety of products under one umbrella. We offer the following products off the shelf:

  • Hardened Tempered Strip Steel in Grades C62, C80, C98 & EN47

  • Blue Tempered Steel Strip in Grades C80 & C98.

  • Razor Blade Strips.

  • Low Alloy Steel strips in Grades EN47, HC21 & 75Ni8.

  • High Carbon CRCA Steel Strips in Grades C80 & C98.

  • Medium Carbon CRCA Steel Strips in Grades C-30, C40, C55 & C62.

  • Low Carbon Steel Strips in Grades C20, C30 & Fe410.

  • Mild Steel Strips in Grades O, D, DD & EDD.

  • High Tensile Steel Strappings & Hoop Iron

Apart from the above we also have a separate section dealing in various sorts of tools & cutters. We are specialists for all kinds of Wood & Metal Cutting saws & tools & special purpose Industrial Knives & Cutters.

  • Quality material, timely delivery & competitive pricing is the Mantra of our Business Policies.

We have launched this blog to assist our customers and to-be customers, with the latest information about the day to day changes in the steel markets worldwide and the new technical innovations in our field.