steel strip price facing a downward trend

despite consistent demand from the auto sector, the price of steel strip is  facing a negative growth since last couple of months. The prices have gone down by 2000/- per mt in the last two months.

This slow down in the pricing level, will continue till the end of December after which the prices are expected to bounce back and might cross the previous levels.

This seems to be the right time to stock as the prices are hovering in the lowest levels and does not seem to go below this level.

spring steel strip-heat treatment.

The heat-treatment process of any kind of steel is very critical and important.One cannot get the desired results, until and unless heat treatment is done properly.

Hardening temperature,tempering temperature,cooling period,soaking time,etc. are a number of factors which if not maintained properly, the desired hardness and physical properties cannot be attained.

In spring steel strips, the required hardness of the finished components varies from 40HRC to 55HRC. This can be attained in the same material , by changing the cycle of heat treatment.

Tata Steel to become the fifth largest producer of steel.

the takeover bid of The Tata’s, for CORUS was a Deepawali Gift for India. This is going to be the biggest acquisition by any Indian Company so far.Tata presently ranking in 56th position inproduction of steel will suddenly jump to 5th position, with an accumulated production capacity of 23 milion tonnes.

Tatas are eyeing to aechieve 40 million tonnes by the end of 2010 and this is a big leap forward.

This period seems to be the Golden Period of steel industry and there is lot more to aechieve for the Indian Companies with the economy growing at a steady pace of 9% per year. 

narrow width in steel strip

equipped with perfect plant and machinery, we are fully self sufficient to supply steel strips in Hardened Tempered condition as well as Cold Rolled Steel strip in widths, as narrow as 2.5mm.

There are certain components, where flat wire cannot serve the purpose. To aechieve the desired effect in the component, only steel strips ( having the required physical properties) can serve the purpose.

To manufacture steel strips in narrow widths,i.e. below 10mm, its a time killing job. Considering the market situation, when the demand of steel is facing an annual growth of 12.5%, nobody is bothered to manufacture these narrow width strips, where the production aechieved is only 25% as compared to standard widths. But we have a seperate division, who looks after the marketing of these strips, so that our valued clients do not suffer due to lack of supplies.

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microalloyed steel strip

these strips contains certain ratio of microalloying elements such as vanadium, niobium,etc. The psesence of these micro-alloying elements tremendously increases the fatigue strength of the steel without effecting the flexibility of the steel. These grades of steel gives excellent elongation and good fatigue strength at the same time.

We are cosistently supplying these steel strips to various OEM’s to their utmost satisfaction.Micro-Alloyed Steel can be supplied in both HR and CR condition.

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3.8 billion dollar company (in sales) TATA STEEL is planning to buy a large stake in the 18 billion dollar company (in sales) CORUS. This deal between India’s largest private sector steel company with world’s seventh largest steel major will bring Tata Steel into the ranks of the world’s top 10 steelmakers. It would be the second largest deal in the steel industry after the merger of Mittal-Arcelor. This deal would meant for the benefit of both, it would increase the geographical reach of Tata Steel with presence in more than 40 countries including UK, Germany, Netherlands and on the other hand it would cut down the production cost of Corus which is rising sky high as it does not possess any Iron Ore mines.   It is believed that the merger would be a tough task for the Tata Steel as many big players have shown their interest in this British Company in the past and may do that in present. -(Source ET)  




steel strip for surgical blade

We boast ourselves as one of the most comprehensive supplier of steel strip for surgical blades.Ranging in thickness from .30mm  to .70mm in various widths and Grades such as C98,HC21,C85,etc. we find ourselves equipped to cater the demand of this industry. We are exporting about 40MT per month to various countries.

We can offer more or less mirror finish material with Ra .25max. Proper annealing in an inert atmosphere gives excellent physical properties and nil decarburization.

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