widest variety of products under one roof.

right from 4mm width to 520mm wide in Cold Rolled Steel Strip as well as Hardened Tempered Steel Strip are offered by us at the most competetive pricing.

The range is exhaustive. Thickness ranging from .025mm to 5mm and width from 4mm to 520mm in Carbon Steel, covers most of the requirement in this segment.

We have also developed strips for conveyor belts which is having a special hardness and tensile strength, to particularly suit the purpose of conveyors.

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prices of galvanized products are on the rise.

the tremendous increase in the prices of zinc has put an added pressure on all the GP,GC manufacturers.

All the key players,JINDAL,BHUSHAN,UTTAM GALVA,etc. has increased the prices of galvanized steel strip by 1200/- to 1500/- per M.T.

In the month of December, the HR coil manufacturers are expected to make an upward revision in the price structure and hence the price of galvanized steel strips and C.R.Steel strip are expected to increase furthur.

Now its time once again to invest money in steel and built up some stock,looking forward to the trend of the market.

Orissa-getting the biggest investment in steel sector

Bhushan,Essar,Tata,Posco and Mittals. The total strength of investments from these giant groups who are investing in Orissa is expected to cross 45000 crores.The total production of Hot Rolled Coils and Cold Rolled Steel Strips is expected to get doubled in the coming  years.

This is going to change the face of Orissa in the next decade.With iron ore reserves 0f about 4700 million tonnes, Orissa is having enough potential to cater the demand of these upcoming projects for the next 50-60 years.And moreover, with all the projects commencing in Orissa itself, the government of Orissa will get the benefit of selling value added products, instead of selling iron ores.

So now its destination Orissa for the major players in steel industry and moreover the face of this industry will have a different glow in the coming decade. 

spherodized annealing of carbon steel strip

the annealing cycle and process of carbon steel strip is very difficult and needs a deep insight of metallurgical engineering.

A particular lot of material, might be having the correct hardness, but still the required degree of bend or right degree of reduction cannot be aechieved. Reason is improper grain structure, hence poor elongation and as a result the desired properties are not aechieved.This problem arises only due to improper annealing which might be due to following reasons:

moisture in nitrogen or hydrogen atmosphere, unequal distribution of heat, improper soaking time, improper selection of temperature,etc.

Thus to attain the best results in carbon steel, the annealing part is very important.