BTC-comprehensive store for steel strip

right from 4mm width to 520mm wide in Cold Rolled Steel Strip (CRCA Steel Strips)as well as Hardened Tempered Steel Strip are offered by us at the most competetive pricing.

The range is exhaustive. Thickness ranging from .025mm to 5mm and width from 4mm to 520mm in Carbon Steel, covers most of the requirement in this segment.

We have also developed strips for conveyor belts which is having a special hardness and tensile strength, to particularly suit the purpose of conveyors.

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Glossary of terms related to steel strips

the metallurgical terms used related to steel strip are very difficult to understand for a layman. 

To get acquainted with the typical terms like,annealing,austenitizing,killing,fatigue strength,etc., one need a proper glossary, to understand the significance of these terms. has devoted a special section under their tecnical information page for glossary, in which more or less entire such information is covered.

BTC-complete solution to steel strips.

Hardened tempered steel strip and CRCA steel strip

The complete range of these strips in various Grades such as C30,C55,C62,C80,C98,HC21,50CrV4,16MnCr5,Fe410 and mild steel strips are in our supply range.

We are at ease in the above mentioned Grades right from a thickness range of  .05mm to 10mm thick.

We are the most comprehensive steel strip store for Hardened Tempered Steel Strip and CRCA Steel Strip.

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Hardened tempered steel strip:Grade 50Cr1.

The hardened tempered steel strip manufactured in this Grade  is highly suitable for making knives.

This grade of spring steel strip is having a chromium content of .5% apart from .75% Carbon.

This increases  the fatigue strength of the blade and as a result the sharpness of the blade stands better and gives better cutting performance.

We have specialized ourselves in supplying almost all sizes in this Grade.

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Tata seems to withdraw from the race of acquiring corus

I feel if the TATA withdraw their their takeover bid for CORUS, it would be beneficiary for the group as a whole. The price of TISCO shares rose by 5% just by the rumour that The Tatas are withdrawing their bid for Corus.

It seems that the even 500 pence per share was a higher price for Corus shares and to go beyond 515 pence per share to beat CSN would not be a wise decision. Ofcourse, the team of Tata will take a decision that would be benificiary for them.

steel prices will remain sluggish in the coming year also

The recommendation from the steel ministry, to cut down import duty on the input raw materials such as coke,melting scrap,etc. will furthur hit the domestic steel industry.

In the next budget, it is expected that the custom duty on scrap will be reduced from 5% to 2% and that on coke will be reduced to nil.

I feel, this might put pressure on the domestic steel prices and the step is taken to put a curb on the steel prices.

However the market for specialized steel strips is not effected by these scenarios.

prices of flat products remain flat despite buoyancy in demand

the prices of the Hot Rolled Coils slides furthur, in the month of December, despite good demand. The auto sector is aechiving a cosistent growth of 9%(in all segments of two  wheelers and four wheelers). Still the prices of HR Coils are slashed marginally by the main producers.

However, the effect is not passed to the consumers. The cold rolling mills are enjoying the fruits of this price decrease. Thus the prices of the CRCA Steel Strips remains uneffected.

I feel that the trend of the International Market is not going to change in the coming month and this slump is going to continue till the end of January.