widest variety of products under one roof.

We offer the widest variety of Grades under one umbrella.

Spring Steel Strip: Hardened tempered and annealed in Grades C62,C75,C80,C98,50CrV4,HC21,55Si7,Ni-Cr100C & 75Cr1.

Mild Steel Strip: D,DD,EDD,ST42,ST55,etc.

Low alloyed Steels: 50CrV4,16MnCr5,20MnCr5,etc.

Micro-alloyed steel strip

Hot Rolled Sheets/Plates: 45C8,55C8,C80,Mild Steel,TISCRAL,Corten Steel,Sailma Hard,etc.

BTC- a complete solution to steel strips. 

price increase in steel

The prices of steel strips is going to see a upward trend in the month of March.

The steel plants are increasing there prices for Hot Roled Coils by 1100/- per M.T. approximately.

Thus the market which was going through a slump since last 11 months will see a price increase after a while.

In CRCA Steel Strips and Hardened Tempered Steel Strips(Spring Steel Strip) are expected to increase by 2000/- per M.T.

Excise duty in steel strip

There are strong rumours that the slab of excise duty in steel is going to be reduced to 12%

As a result the price structure of steel will remain uneffected even if there  is a price increase in the steel sector which is expected to be due in the month of March.

The price increase in Spring Steel Strip( CRCA Steel Strip and Hardened Tempered Steel Strip) is inevitable, but the excise part will balance the effect of the price increase.

Kolkata-the future hub of auto ancilliaries.

the commisioning of small car plant at Singur will give a major boost to the demand of SPRING STEEL STRIP in the eastern region.

Like Bangalore and Gurgaon, Kolkata will become the next hub of auto ancilliaries in the coming years.

Tata is planning to make 1 million cars in this plant and hopefully Kolkata market will get a better boost in the demand of steel strips. Spring Steel Strips,Hardened Tempered Steel Strips and CRCA Steel Strips, are required in bulk quatities in the auto sector.

price increase in steel

The prices are expected to increase substantially in the month of March.

After a sluggish period of more than 6 months, steel market is expected to get a shot in the arm by a price increase. The prices in CRCA Steel Strips are expected to increase by 1500/- per M.T. and that in Spring Steel Strips the prices might see an upward trend of 3000/-

Hardened Tempered Steel Strips are  totally tailor made and the prices of these steel strips are solely commanded by the critical nature of the item.



TATA’s acquires CORUS.

This is the talk of the day.  This is not only a win for TATA STEEL but also an issue of national pride.The Indian Companies are going global and by acquiring CORUS Tata Steel have become the fifth largest producer of steel in the world.

The price of acquiring Corus stands at Rs.97500 crore. But Corus will  serve as the gateway for Tata’s to get into the European Market with a bang.

This will bring a revolution in the market of Steel Strips-both CRCA and Hardened-Tempered.