Hardened tempered steel strip

India has become one of the biggest exporters of Hardened Tempered Steel Strips in recent years.The monthly exports has crossed 1500 MT per month for these special Grade Strips.

Apart from the ultra thin precision strips,i.e., thickness below .17mm, Indian Manufacturers are self sufficient in making all kinds of H+T Strips. From as narrow as 3mm to a maximum width of 520mm & from a thickness of .20mm to 4.00mm thick, India has established itself, on a solid  base, in the export of this particular product.

Colour Coated H+T Steel Strips

Colour coated hardened tempered steel strip has a wide spread application.

Properties such as corrosion resistance,electrical conductivity & wear rsistance are required, these strips can be very successfully used.

We at BTC, do not keep ready stock of these strips. We import the material according to need & application of the client. These are tailor made strips and the mechanical & Electrical properties are taken care of, accordind to the specific requirement of an OEM.

BTC-The most comprehensive store for Spring steel strips

We at BTC are proud of offering the widest variety of Spring Steel Strips as regards Grades and sizes, in India.

We have a thickness range of .025mm on the lower side to 4mm thick on the higher side in the Steel strip segment and upto 25mm thick in Hot Rolled Segment.

We present ourselves as a complete solution to spring steel strips.

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Besides the Grades which we have mentioned in our website, we are now feeding certain  special Grades of steel like EN362, EN353,etc. Certain items under case hardening steel are very difficult to procure, but we find ourselves self sufficient to offer them, but ofcourse an economical batch quantity and suitable lead time is required.The sizes and grades in Carbon Steel Strips and Flats are endless but we find ouselves at ease to supply the most of them.

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price increase expected in the month of May

The trend in the International Market is quite bullish. The market has shown an increase of 80 USD per MT since last two months.

The Indian Steel Manufacturers had marginally increased their prices in the month of April. But in the next month prices are expected to increase by atleast 2500/- per MT in HR Coils.

As a result the price of CRCA Steel Strips may face a price shoot of around 3500/- per MT 

low alloy steel strips

Low alloyed steel strips are one of the key raw material in the automobile sector. Grades like 16MnCr5,EN47,HC21 and many other numerous grades has its own demand and a very big market.

But unfortunately, in India not a singal integrated steel plant is manufacturing these special grades material. The cold rolling mills are procuring the basic HR material from overseas market. Since the demand of these grades of steel is negligible in comparison to Mild Steel, no one tries to venture in this segment in India. Whereas the value addition is much more better than that of mild steel.

This segment is somewhat hidden from the Indian Manufacturers, whereas in Germany there are companies which are manufacturing more than 20 Grades in Low Alloy Steel Strips in both HR & CRCA.

Steel prices kept on hold for the month of april.

Under the pressure of the Central Government, the steel alliance has agreed to hold the prices for the month of April, despite remrkable increase in the input cost.

In my view, the main producers will not be able to hold the prices for long and will be bound to increase their prices in the month of May.

Prices of HR Coils are expected to shoot up by 3000/-per mt in the month of May.

However, the prices of Spring Steel Strips has already increased by 1200/- per MT from April onwards.

Hardened Tempered Steel Strip for Circlips

It has been a common fact that soft (annealed) material is used for making circlips.But certain manufacturers are also trying to make circlips out of pre-hardened strips to save the boderation heat-treatment.

But the pre-hardened strip used for this particular application must follow a specific set of parameters as regards hardness,tensile strength,yield,etc.

If this steel can be sucessfully used in the circlip industry, there will be a drastic change in the market of Hardened Tempered Steel strip.

Steel price trend in the month of april

Faced with the spectre of input costs of raw materials like iron ore shooting up by Rs 2,500 per tonne, major Indian steel makers are finalising plans to hike steel prices within next ten days to offset increased costs of production.

“Indian steel companies are facing increase in input costs of about Rs 2,500 on per tonne of steel produced from April next, owing to rise in prices of iron ore, coke and power charges, an Indian Steel Alliance (ISA) official told media.

“Some companies like Essar and Ispat, which do not have the advantage of captive raw material would be forced to increase steel prices from April to recover the increase in input costs,” he said.

With the global iron ore benchmark contract prices being settled with an increase of about 10 per cent for 2007, Indian ore producers too have decided to follow suit to affect a similar hike from next month.

“This will have an impact of about Rs 400 per tonne of steel produced with Indian lump ore priced at around Rs 2,400 per tonne,” he pointed out.

Similarly, prices of scrap and sponge iron, two other major inputs for steel making, has shot up by $10 to $15 per tonne, leading an impact of about Rs 700 per tonne on steel produced.

“Scrap prices are prevailing at an all-time-high of 400 dollars per tonne in India while hot briquette iron was $380 per tonne for deliveries to Indian ports,” the official cited.

“Low ash metallurgical coke prices imported from China have also seen a $15 increase since past one month leading to a landed cost of $240 per tonne for April deliveries. This will add another Rs 400-500 per tonne impact on cost of production,” he said.

International steel majors have announced price increases for April deliveries by $50 per tonne, mainly to offset increase in input costs on key steel making raw materials like iron ore, scrap and coke.

Logistics cost, mainly on account of freight has also shot up by $5 per tonne leading to another increase of input costs by Rs 550 per tonne, he said.

“To add to the woes of the steel companies, electricity tariff revision to about 75 paise per unit would add upto another Rs 500-600 for every tonne of steel produced,” the official pointed out.


Source: The Economic Times