spring steel strip

The demand of Spring Steel Strip has been cosistently growing at a pace of 15% per annum since past 5 years. There is huge potential for this item in the near future.

India has become a hub for auto components. Most of the world’s leading auto manufacturers are outsourcing the auto components from Indian Market. As a result, the demand for spring steel strip is growing at a steady pace. In todays scenario, demand is outstripping supply and there is constant shortage of raw materials in these special grades material.

In the near future, Bhushan steel is coming with their integrated steel plant to manufacture Hot Rolled Coils. They have a plan to make the entire range of Spring Steel Strip.

Import material to cost cheaper

Weak Dollars has drasitically effected exports, whereas imports have become more viable. The domestic, main producers like SAIL,TISCO,ESSAR,etc. are facing stiff competetion from the International Market.

Lot of Hot Rolled Coils are coming from CIS countries and as a result the docmestic manufacturers are forced to hold the prices despite huge increase in the cost of input raw material.

However, to boost exports, the Indian Government is thinking to increase the DEPB and other export benefits.

We hope that the exports for our  product ,i.e., Hardened Tempered Steel Strips,CRCA Steel Strips,Spring Steel Strips,etc. will see a robust growth in the next quarter, if there are favourable changes in the Export Policy of the govenment.

Weak dollars has drastically effected exports.

The huge depreciation of Dollars has been a curb to the growth of exports of Hardened Tempered Steel Strips from India.

Indian market  was exporting close to 1000 MT of H+T Steel Strips monthly.Precision strips from India were not only competetive but were quite at par, in quality, in comparison to European manufacturers. But due to weak dollars the exports has effected a lot and material of Brazil or China is more cost effecient in comparison to India.

low alloyed steel strips

Low alloyed steel strips are one of the key raw material in the automobile sector. Grades like 16MnCr5,EN47,HC21 and many other numerous grades has its own demand and a very big market.

But unfortunately, in India not a singal integrated steel plant is manufacturing these special grades material. The cold rolling mills are procuring the basic HR material from overseas market. Since the demand of these grades of steel is negligible in comparison to Mild Steel, no one tries to venture in this segment in India. Whereas the value addition is much more better than that of mild steel.

This segment is somewhat hidden from the Indian Manufacturers, whereas in Germany there are companies which are manufacturing more than 20 Grades in Low Alloy Steel Strips in both HR & CRCA.