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spring steel strip-heat treatment

The heat-treatment process of any kind of steel is very critical and important.One cannot get the desired results, until and unless heat treatment is done properly.

Hardening temperature,tempering temperature,cooling period,soaking time,etc. are a number of factors which if not maintained properly, the desired hardness and physical properties cannot be attained.

In spring steel strips, the required hardness of the finished components varies from 40HRC to 55HRC. This can be attained in the same material , by changing the cycle of heat treatment.

Price correction

The price of HR Coils has been reduced by 800/- to 1000/-  per mt by main producers.Imports are very much cheaper and the domestic producers were bound to slash prices in order to match the import prices.SAIL, TISCO,ISPAT & ESSAR has reduced their prices and the market situation might compel them to reduce the prices furthur.

This gloomy scenario of the steel sector may stretch over a longer period of time if the Dollar remains weak.

coated steel strips

Organic Coated Cold Rolled Strips: These strips are available in various qualities.

Cold rolled steel strips,Hardened-Tempered Steel Strip & Electrolytic Coated Steel Strip.

Types:Adhesive layer of rubber & plastic, Lacquered with lubricant,Coated with anti-corrosives & coated with elastomers as NBR

Sizes: .1mm to 1.5mm thick and in a width upto a maximumof 600mm

Benefits:resistance against corrosion, reduction of friction,better performance in high-conductivity & shieliding applications.In addition, materials with excellent surface conductivity features can be generated through novel surface tecnology. Excellent adhesion between base material and coating make it possible for these strip products to be  cold formable & bendable to tight radii.

 Coated Steel Strips are sneeking into these special steel markets at a very steady pace and soon a substantial quantity will be required in the Indian Market, looking forward to the auto boom.

prices of HR coils to go down

Weak Dollars has compelled the domestic main producers to reduce their prices, from the month of July.

The weak dollars has made imports more cost effective. The landed cost, of imported HR Coils, is much more cheaper than the price of the domestic market.

As a result, the domestic main producers have already reduced their prices by 500/- per MT. Further reduction cannot be rulled  out.

 The export of Spring Steel Strip (Hardened-Tempered & Cold Rolled) has also faced a tremendous setback in the last quarter.Since this is a very special grade  of strip, and is totally tailor made, the import of this particular Grade is not viable. But the export market is already in doldrums.