Prices of HR Coils to rise, despite weak dollars

All the major HR Coil manufacturers are expected to increase their prices in the month of October. The prices are expected to increase by 1200/- per MT. This price increase actually, is a boon to the cold rollers.Weak dollars has paved the way for cheaper import options for the cold rollers. Thousands of tonnes of material is being imported from Thailand and CIS countries.

This rally of price increase (third in the last 6 months) does not seem realistic.In my opinion, if the dollar keeps depreciating, the prices in the long run will be reduced. 

Tata denies steel plant rumours

Tata Steel, the world’s sixth-largest steel maker, has denied that it is in talks with the South African government about the possible construction of a steel plant in South Africa.

This is after reports this week that Tata Steel was mulling the construction of a five million tonnes per year steel plant in South Africa, subject to the availability of iron ore and coal.

Local financial media reports on Wednesday quoted a trade and industry official as saying that the department was negotiating with Tata and a number of other players on the construction of a steel plant.

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auto ancilliaries: running in full capacity

Despite slack in the Indian Car Market, the auto ancilliaries are going in full capacity, with renewed endeavours to increase the production capacity, furthur.

This is solely due to outsourcing of auto componants by major car manufacturers in the international market.

As a result, the demand for Spring Steel Strip & C.R.Steel Strip is growing at a steady pace.In the near future, Bhushan,Jindal & Tata are coming up with fresh capacity to enhance their production for C.R.Strips.

Baosteel set to climb the ladder

Baosteel Group Corporation, China’s leading steel producer, hopes to become the second largest steel company of the world after ArcelorMittal by 2012.

The company will more than triple output to 80 million tonnes in the next five years from 26mt now.

In an internal newsletter quoted by China Daily today, the state-run company said it would reach sales worth $50 billion by then.

“Baosteel has to increase its output, mainly through merges and alliance with other mainland companies,” Xu Lejiang, preident of Shanghai Headquartered Baosteel, was quoted as saying in the newsletter.

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spherodized annealing.

the annealing cycle and process of carbon steel strip is very difficult and needs a deep insight of metallurgical engineering.

A particular lot of material, might be having the correct hardness, but still the required degree of bend or right degree of reduction cannot be aechieved. Reason is improper grain structure, hence poor elongation and as a result the desired properties are not aechieved.This problem arises only due to improper annealing which might be due to following reasons:

moisture in nitrogen or hydrogen atmosphere, unequal distribution of heat, improper soaking time, improper selection of temperature,etc.

Thus to attain the best results in carbon steel, the annealing part is very important