wood working saws and knives,industrial knives,tools,saws & cutters

We offer each and every variety of wood working saws. The items which we cover are mentioned as under or visit our website : www.btstrips.com

Bend Saw Blades

Circular Saws(4″ to 96″)

Cross Cut Saws,Pit saws,Web saws,Bow saws,Pruning Saws,Hand Saws,etc.

Planner Blades,Peeling Knives,Chipper Knives,Chopping Knives,etc.

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Galvanized Steel Strips

Simple low cost steel product which forms the basis of most steel based conduit. Square lock construction is highly flexible conduit made by helical winding of cold rolled annealed and pinch passed mild steel strip with sheared edges. These strips are generally electro galvanized or hot dipped galvanized steel strip is used where high corrosion resistance and long life for the conduit is required. These conduit are used for applications where high flexibility is required. Good mechanical protection , Highly flexible, Extensive range, Inherent low fire hazard, Resistant to high temperature +300 °C. Its applications are as follows

1. Under floor applications computer/ floor boxes.
2. Connecting machines to controls.
3. Furnace/oven applications.
4. Areas subject to heat and sparks.(foundries, welding, etc.)
5. As mechanical protection for insulated electrical cables and wires which may be exposed to normal atmospheric conditions.

                                                                                      Source: www.flex-tubes.com
:- Bathroom fittings and interiors.

Hardened tempered steel strip and CRCA steel strip

We supply the Hardened Tempered Steel Strips and CRCA Steel Strips with the closest dimensional tolerances. Equipped with automatic gauge control and hydraulic screw down device for achieving the closest dimensional tolerances.

Furthur, the annealing furnace is automatic and controled through PLC, with provision to use 100% Htdrogen as protective gas.

This gives the best spherodization and as a result uniform and excellent heat treatment of the end component.

We have sucessfully achieved the thickness of .05mm and are trying to make .025mm


Reconstructing Steel Industry

The Indian steel industry has gone through a period of restructuring. There has been a thorough overhaul of the policy regime. This has helped India improve its ranking among global steel producers from the 9th place to the 7th place. Yet, compared to the global average per capita consumption of 150 kgs. our per capita consumption of steel is still a mere 39 kgs. per head. Even by Asian standards we have a long way to go in the consumption of steel.

In India too, demand is bound to grow. This is why there is growing interest in investing in our steel sector. Our manufacturing costs are internationally competitive today and we have to ensure that they remain so in years to come. The increasing number of global steel majors who have announced plans to set up steel-making facilities in India gives a fair indication of the comparative advantage of manufacturing steel in India provided we can create the right policy environment.

                                                                          Source: www.indianbusiness.nic.in