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Besides, all kinds of steel strips (Spring Steel Strips and CRCA Steel Strips), we present ourselves as one of the biggest stockist and suppliers of all kinds of woodworking saws and knives and all kinds of industrial saws, knives and cutting tools. We cover the following:

WOOD WORKING SAWS AND KNIVES: bend saw blades,circular saws,cross cut saws,pit saws,bow saws,hand saws,planner blades,peeling knives and grooving cutters.

Diamond Segmented saws and blanks

All kinds of industrial saws,knives and tools: paper cutting knives,bamboo chipping knives,HSS slitting saws,etc.

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Protection against rising cost of steel

Industry majors Tata Steel and Steel Authority of India Limited as well as Jindal Steel and Power, have some protection against rising costs as they have their own iron ore mines, but most companies will be hurt.

The government could cut duties on raw materials such as coking coal, iron ore and scrap in Friday’s budget, and increase the export duty on iron ore to help contain prices, but some industry officials said that it was unlikely to help too much.

Unless there’s a heavy duty on exports of iron ore, prices may rise by another $50-$100 per tonne over the next six months.

The pressures come as prices are already underpinned by booming Indian demand, with analysts expecting consumption of finished steel to grow by 10-15 percent this year.

India, with iron ore reserves of 25 billion tonnes, expects to produce 100 million tonnes of steel by 2012, but for now it has to make up the shortfall from overseas.

                                                                                 Source www.reuters.com (Edited)

Inputs costs, demand seen lifting India steel price

Rising costs of iron ore and other inputs as well as strong demand will likely push up Indian steel prices over the next six months, despite government attempts to contain them, industry officials and analysts said.

Tata Steel has already raised hot-rolled coil prices twice this year and cold-rolled coil prices once, and smaller firms such as JSW Steel, Bhushan Steel, Ispat Industries and Essar Steel have followed suit.

“If you take $700 (per tonne) as the base, prices are going to go up by 20-25 percent.”

After Steel Minister Ram Vilas Paswan expressed concern over prices earlier this month, steel makers agreed to cut prices on some products by up to $25 per tonne, but the cuts are unlikely to be sustained.

Iron ore prices are rising internationally. Brazilian mining giant Vale secured price rises of 65 percent and higher for the iron ore it sells to major Asian steel mills.

                                                                                    Source: www.reuters.com

Hardened tempered steel strip

Hardening and Tempering is a thermal process that strengthens steel through a controlled heating and cooling process Hardened and tempered steel strip, is used in many applications including saws, cutting tools as well as springs. This process will result in improved mechanical properties and give a tougher more durable product. The hardening process involves heating the steel to above the critical transformation temperature for the given grade and then rapidly cooling. Whilst this process achieves the highest mechanical strengths and hardness’s, steel in this condition is extremely brittle and therefore requires further treatment in the form of tempering. This consists of reheating the steel to a lower temperature and holding the steel at the given temperature for a given period of time. As with traditional annealing (used to soften steels) this process is conducted in an inert atmosphere to avoid oxidation.

industrial saws,knives and tools and wood working saws.

We offer each and every variety of wood working saws. The items which we cover are mentioned as under or visit our website : www.btstrips.com 

Bend Saw Blades

Circular Saws(4″ to 96″)

Cross Cut Saws,Pit saws,Web saws,Bow saws,Pruning Saws,Hand Saws,etc.

Planner Blades,Peeling Knives,Chipper Knives,Chopping Knives,etc.

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crca steel strip with closest dimensional tolerances

We supply CRCA steel strips with the closest dimensional tolerances as per the requirement of the customers.

We maintain a thickness tolerance of .02mm and a maximum cambre of 4.5mm in 2 mtr. length.In case of Hardened Tempered Material we can supply material with a cambre of maximum 2 mm in 2 mtr. length.

This close tolerance material is very much necessary in case of certain industries such as circlips,safety belts,safety pins,picture tubes,etc.

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price increase in steel

The price increase in the steel sector has seen a massive surge in the month of January and February. An accumulated increase of 3500/- per mt in the last two months, has reversed the trend of the market. This will, however, have an adverse effect on the auto industry which is already facing a sluggish period due to higher interest rates.