Iron Ore in India: The Present and the Future of It

‘Iron Ore in India: The Present and the Future of It’, authored by prominent author Dr AS Firoz provides you the valuable information on Indian iron ore market and is scenario. The report covers the reviews of the developments in Indian iron ore industry.

This report critically looks at the current situation in the industry, potential of the iron ore market growth in the medium term, growth plans of the individual major companies, demand and supply issues related to raw materials like coal and iron ore, competitive positioning of steel production in the country, socio economic and political factors which may have direct and indirect impact on the growth dreams of the Indian steel makers, etc among a large number of other relevant issues of strategic importance.

This report is the product of extensive and in depth analysis with incredible amount of time spent to put the numbers in perspective. There are neutral and frank expert views on matters which have drawn attention of the industry in the recent period.

The phenomenal rise in iron ore prices and their continued shortages worldwide have raised many important questions on the future of the iron and steel industry globally especially in the context of the changing dynamics in the environment surrounding especially in respect of raw materials to this industry. The steel makers are undergoing a phase of uncertainty, volatility and speculation amidst a supply side crisis looming large over raw materials, importantly iron ore and coking coal.

The Indian story is no different. A country having over 25 billion tonnes of officially declared iron ore resources and producing over 210 million tonnes of them annually and exporting nearly 95 million tonnes of them is important from all angles to the world of iron ore business.


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