India has become a majoy palyer in the world steel trade.

India became the fourth largest producer of crude steel in the world in 2010 as against the eighth position in 2003 and is expected to become the second largest producer of crude steel in the world by 2015. India also maintained its lead position as the world’s largest producer of direct reduced iron (DRI) or sponge iron.

Led by strong demand for autos and engineering services, the domestic steel demand in India remains robust, as per Moody’s sectoral analysis on Asia’s steel sector. According to the analysis, the outlook for the domestic operating environment is positive, driven by robust growth in infrastructure, autos and construction and constrains on additional supply by 2011

Special Temper Cold Rolled Steel Strips (Rolling Hard)

These are basically as rolled hard steel strip. To achieve a desired hardness, an annealed material of suitable thickness is taken and rolled down to the required thickness, to achieve that required hardness. After rolling, the material is pinch passed and final annealing is not required. To choose the correct thickness (for reduction to the desired thickness) is a matter of expertise.

Grades: This strip is available in low, medium & high carbon grades.

Applications: It is suitable for components where formability is limited. It saves the extra annealing cost. The strip is directly punched & formed and if required sent for heat treatment.

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steel users facing severe volatality in steel prices in india.

The Indian domestic steel market for flat products has surged by almost 5% since February opening and further increase is likely in coming days.

Steel users are hearing news of floods in Queensland in Australia as well as an array of destructive cyclone affecting the major supply chain for coking coal. Analysts have started throwing USD 1000 numbers for hot band.

But what really governs the steel prices and what is the short term as well as mid term steel price scenario?

You may like to understand the realities and align your businesses to safeguard it to the extant possible.

Industry experts from Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) would dwell in depth on the demand drivers as well as the likely scenario. It would help you to understand the dynamics underlining the pricing dynamics in Indian scenario amid global …..