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Ferro Alloys

The Indian Steel Scenario seems to be bottoming out and consequently the Ferro Alloy Production and Industry should hopeully have a better year ahead. Despite increase in Steel Production, the Ferro Alloy Industry has not got the support it requires from the government in order to make their prices competitive in the International Market, hence most producers have to rely on local supplies to Steel Producers which make life difficult for the producers of Ferro Alloys, mainly due to oversupply and stiff competition from other domestic producers who are keen to operate at low margins in order to keep their Industry alive.

Steel industry facing a negative growth due to slack in demand in auto sector.

Despite the increase in price of raw material like iron ore and metcoke and other inputs, the steel industry is still on the backfoot with prices showing a negative growth in the past 4-5 months. From April onwards the price has corrected by around Rs.5000/- per mt approximate.

Auto sector is a major booster of demand which is running on 60% capacity due to poor demand and economies of majors in turmoil.

Though India has not been much effected by these upsets but still the Indian Export of Automobiles and spares has been effected drastically and collectively the demand of steel is slowing down.