Grade C40 Steel strips.

Due to low carbon content, this grade of steel offers better forming & bending quality.It is used for applications, where critical bending operation are required. Due to carbon range of 0.4% and manganese 0.9%, it can also be quenched & tempered and thus it is very suitable for components where, critical bending has to be achieved & high tensil and toughness can be obtained by means of quenching & tempering

‘Global steel demand may register 5.4% surge in 2012’

NEW DELHI: The international steel demand is likely to post 5.4% rise in the present year to almost 1,500-million tonnes due to the stronger consumption from the developing countries, according to World Steel Association (WSA).

Mr Edwin Basson, WSA’s Director General, has stated in a presentation that the steel consumption will rise from 1,397-million tonnes last year since the consumption in developing regions is quite high. WSA members represent almost 85% of the world steel production.

Mr Basson has stated that the demand for steel is likely to grow by 2.5% in the European Union to 159- million tonnes as compared to last year.
The demand of steel is expected to grow by 5.7% and 4.9% in Commonwealth of Independent States and countries signatory to North American Free Trade Agreement to 60-million tonnes and 121-million tonnes, respectively.

The nations in Central, North America and Africa are likely to post 9.8% and 11% growth in steel demand in the present year to 52.4-million tonnes and 23.8-million tonnes, respectively, in the last year.

The surge in steel demand would be 7.9% and 5.4% in the Middle East and Asia & Oceania during 2012 to 15-million tonnes and 963.1-million tonnes, respectively. India’s steel consumption has been almost 68-million tonnes last year, which is considered as the third-highest steel consuming nation in the globe after China and the US.

SME News, Tuesday, Feb 21, 2012 11:13:20 AM IST

Grade C98 Steel Strips.

This is a very special grade of steel & is mainly used for making those components where very high tensile strength & yield stress is required. It can achieve hardness of up to 58 HRC Rockwell after Hardening & Tempering. This grade is commonly used for making different kinds of Industrial knives, because due to high hardness it can give a better knife edge & thus a better cutting capacity.