Appreciating dollar has become a boon for indian exporter.

The impact of the depreciating Rupee may be whatever, but presentlt it has become a boon to the exporters.
This slide will continue till the balance of payment position is not improved. The increasing oil bills, break in the inflow of dollars due to global slowdown has become a major factor in pushing the dollar up.

Analysts are not able to comment as what is the saturation point of this situation.

As rolled hard steel strip

These are basically as rolled hard steel strip. To achieve a desired hardness, an annealed material of suitable thickness is taken and rolled down to the required thickness, to achieve that required hardness. After rolling, the material is pinch passed and final annealing is not required. To choose the correct thickness (for reduction to the desired thickness) is a matter of expertise.

Grades: This strip is available in low, medium & high carbon grades.

Applications: It is suitable for components where formability is limited. It saves the extra annealing cost. The strip is directly punched & formed and if required sent for heat treatment.

Razor Blade Steel Strips.

These strips are available in High Carbon & 13 % Chromium Martenistic steels. These are used for making Razor Blades.


High Carbon Razor Blade Strip
Carbon % 0.75 to 1.00
Silicon % 0.05 to 0.35
Manganese % 0.60 to 0.90
Sulphur % 0.05 max
Phosphorus % 0.05 max

13% Chromium Martenisitic Steel
Carbon % 0.60-0.70
Silicon % 0.10-0.50
Manganese % 0.50-1.00
Chromium % 12.50-13.50
Sulphur % 0.04 max
Phosphorus % 0.04 max

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