CRCA High Carbon Steel Strip.

High carbon steels contain from 0.7 to 1.00% C with manganese ranging from 0.5% to 0.9% This steels are commonly known as spring steel. These steels are generally operated at very high stresses and heat-treated to obtain the maximum elastic limits and fatigue resistance without becoming sufficiently brittle to cause sudden failure in service. Hardenability of spring steel is very important because only fully hardened springs have the maximum resistance to take a permanent set (sagging).

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You can get any of these Strips as per your requirement:

Hardened Tempered Spring Steel Strips
Blue Tempered Strip Steel
CRCA High Carbon Steel Strips
Low Carbon Strips
Medium Carbon Strips
Rolling Hard Steel Strips
Razor Blade Steel Strips

Our products meet the specifications provided by the OEM and apart from serving our clients with their specific needs, we also keep on sharing knowledge as regards new technologies and innovations and the resultant outcome is a satisfied customer.

Steel prices up on construction demand.,

After several months of range-bound movement, prices of steel products have started inching up gradually in the Indian markets, amid expectations of resurgence in construction demand after the winter season. The market is mirroring the global trend, where steel prices are continuously rising due to higher cost of production on an upsurge in input cost.

Data compiled by Delhi-based OreTeam Exim, a leading research firm in ferrous metals, showed the MS ingot price shot up by Rs 1000 this week in both southern and northern markets. With this change, ingots were quoting at Rs 32,700 a tonne in the benchmark Mandi Gobindgarh markets on Thursday. Similarly, MS billet prices in the same market surged by Rs 1,200 to Rs 32,100 a tonne.