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Bijoy Trading Company (BTC) is a complete solution to steel strips. If you are looking for quality steel strips, you can get OEM quality steel stips from our wide collection.

You can get any of these Strips as per your requirement:

Hardened Tempered Spring Steel Strips
Blue Tempered Strip Steel
CRCA High Carbon Steel Strips
Low Carbon Strips
Medium Carbon Strips
Rolling Hard Steel Strips
Razor Blade Steel Strips

Our products meet the specifications provided by the OEM and apart from serving our clients with their specific needs, we also keep on sharing knowledge as regards new technologies and innovations and the resultant outcome is a satisfied customer.

Martensitic Stainless Steel Strip

Similar to plain carbon steel strip, martensitic stainless steel strip is hardened by quenching followed by tempering for improved toughness and ductility. Hardenability, strength and wear resistance increases with carbon content but at the expense of toughness and ductility.

A chromium content of 11% minimum produces the stainless steel strip properties.