Selection of proper Grade of Steel according to application.

The following factors should be kept in mind in selecting a specific grade:-
The grade has a marked influence on hardenability – the property which determines the hardness pattern throughout a piece of steel hardened in a stated manner.
The best properties can be obtained in a steel that has been fully hardened before tempering. incomplete hardening has a harmful effect on some of the properties specially yield strength & toughness.
In selection of a steel for a particular component, the most important question is whether the mechanical properties required can be obtained after suitable heat treatment, in the size and shape at the part in question.

Steel Grade SAE 2093, Grade E.

ASME SA203 Grade E steel grade is a nickel alloy steel plate in welded pressure vessels. For this SA203 Grade E is max thickness in 150mm and the element of nickel is 2.25% to be used in manufacturing pressure vessel and boilers.

ASME SA203 Grade E is used in fabricators serving industry, especially in the oil, gas and chemical supply markets.

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