Organic coated strips.

With the products of our age becoming more and more differentiated, the demands on steel are growing. Starting materials are needed whose properties are precisely tailored to their respective use. Our range of organic coated flat products fits the bill perfectly, opening up new opportunities for you as a manufacturer thanks to its systematic focus on applications.
Organic coated strip and sheet are truly multi-talented materials. They are used in the construction industry, in home appliances, automobiles, heating and air-conditioning equipment, telectronics equipment and furniture. This variety of uses is a result of three key material properties – strength, good formability and flexible surface design.

Stainless Steel.

The unbeatable strength, corrosion resistance and other properties of stainless steel makes it a perfect material for a world of uses. Stainless steel was discovered in the early 1900s when it was found that the addition of chromium into the steelmaking process greatly improved the corrosion resistance of the steel. In particular, it was found that chromium reacts with oxygen to form a protective film on the steel’s surface which repairs itself when scratched.

Not all stainless steels are the same
By definition stainless steel contains a minimum of 10.5% chromium, but also a number of other alloying elements are added like nickel, copper or molybdenum for enhanced properties in specific uses. Some stainless steels perform better in corrosive marine environments, some are better suited to high temperatures, while others are good for cryogenic applications. Today, especially high-strength stainless steels are becoming popular because they reduce material use – and therefore environmental load.

Austenitic Stainless Steel.

The latest addition to BTC items is austenitic stainless steels. The high-chromium austenitic 4420 grade is acid-resistant and is suitable for example in:

pulp and paper
water treatment applications
As with all our stainless steels, austenitic grades are produced to the strictest quality standards and performance requirements. They have good fabricability, resistance to atmospheric corrosion and resistance to many organic and inorganic compounds.

Most Outokumpu austenitic grades are available directly from our stock points, where we also offer tailored finishes, dimensions and prefabrication services