Quality control of Spring Steel Strips

Each & every batch of material is thoroughly tested from a NABL ACREDIATED LABORATORY. Both mechanical & chemical tests are thoroughly carried out before dispatch of any material to our clients. Our Inspection Team keeps a constant vigil on the following parameters:
Chemical Analysis: It is thoroughly checked that all the elements are within the required norms. The material is out right rejected if there is any deviation as regards the chemical composition.
Mechanical Properties: Hardness, tensile strength, elongation & yield are tested and compared with the clients’ requirement. The material is dispatched only if the results are satisfactory.
Dimensions: Thickness, width and length (in case of cut length material) are inspected minutely. It is keenly observed, that no dimensions cross the tolerance limit.

Metinvest stops three mills on conflict escalation in Donbass

Ukraine’s Yenakiieve Steel, Makiivka Steel and Yenakiieve Coke and Chemicals Plant stop operation for an uncertain period due to interrupted railway transportation and escalation of the armed conflict in the country’s east.

On February 6, Metinvest announced the stoppage of its assets, with the procedure of the step-by-step shutdown underway, a source close to the company told Metal Expert. Production of semis and rebar is still fed with raw materials left in stock.

Recently, the mills have constantly faced difficulties getting raw materials and shipping finished products by rail as well as irregular power supply in view of shelling. Besides, Yenakiieve Steel has suffered from a stoppage of coke production by Avdiivka Coke Plant and Yasinovsky Coke Plant in early February.

As of today, the period of the outage is unknown and will depend on the situation in the region, mostly on recovery of stable railway transportation.

In 2014, Yenakiieve Steel’s products accounted for some 16% (about 850,000 t) of the entire exports of square billet from Ukraine, according to Metal Expert. The share of longs made by Yenakiieve Steel and Makiivka Steel was 12% (595,000 t) in the overall shipments abroad and 16% (540,000 t) in domestic deliveries.

Steel consumption decrease by 26 million t in China as GDP growth hits 24 year low

The latest steel consumption data in China was dramatic, but well awaited. With China’s GDP growth showing the weakest expansion in 24 years at 7.4%, the country deterred its appetite for steel products by 25.7 million t or 3.37% comparing with 2013.

Construction, accounting for more than a half of China’s steel consumption, was a headwind in 2014. Subdued by a smaller scale of construction projects and mini-stimulus package allowing only a modest support to the market, the total figure of steel utilized in the country stood at 738 million t. “We didn’t see any spur in consumption nor in golden September, neither in silver October”, a seller source told Metal Expert.

While some analysts tend to think that property market shows a healthy slow rate, with new couples inevitably needing new houses and others wishing to upgrade, the general tendency doesn’t seem as bright as before. Undoubtedly, that the scale of construction and investments growth rate will be showing falling numbers in coming years dampening buying interest for steel.

Source: Metal Expert.