microalloyed steel strip

these strips contains certain ratio of microalloying elements such as vanadium, niobium,etc. The psesence of these micro-alloying elements tremendously increases the fatigue strength of the steel without effecting the flexibility of the steel. These grades of steel gives excellent elongation and good fatigue strength at the same time.

We are cosistently supplying these steel strips to various OEM’s to their utmost satisfaction.Micro-Alloyed Steel can be supplied in both HR and CR condition.

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3.8 billion dollar company (in sales) TATA STEEL is planning to buy a large stake in the 18 billion dollar company (in sales) CORUS. This deal between India’s largest private sector steel company with world’s seventh largest steel major will bring Tata Steel into the ranks of the world’s top 10 steelmakers. It would be the second largest deal in the steel industry after the merger of Mittal-Arcelor. This deal would meant for the benefit of both, it would increase the geographical reach of Tata Steel with presence in more than 40 countries including UK, Germany, Netherlands and on the other hand it would cut down the production cost of Corus which is rising sky high as it does not possess any Iron Ore mines.   It is believed that the merger would be a tough task for the Tata Steel as many big players have shown their interest in this British Company in the past and may do that in present. -(Source ET)  




steel strip for surgical blade

We boast ourselves as one of the most comprehensive supplier of steel strip for surgical blades.Ranging in thickness from .30mm  to .70mm in various widths and Grades such as C98,HC21,C85,etc. we find ourselves equipped to cater the demand of this industry. We are exporting about 40MT per month to various countries.

We can offer more or less mirror finish material with Ra .25max. Proper annealing in an inert atmosphere gives excellent physical properties and nil decarburization.

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price increase in steel

After a sluggish second quarter, the steel market is again facing a price increase from the month of October. The prices are expected to increase by 1500/- per M.T. in both CR and HR.

The market has become a roller coaster since last couple of years. Sometimes the prices are going up again prices are slashed. Nowadays the prices are revised monthly.This kind of volatality in the steel market has made life very much difficult for the trading comunity.

low alloy steel strips

Low alloyed steel strips are one of the key raw material in the automobile sector. Grades like 16MnCr5,EN47,HC21 and many other numerous grades has its own demand and a very big market.

But unfortunately, in India not a singal integrated steel plant is manufacturing these special grades material. The cold rolling mills are procuring the basic HR material from overseas market. Since the demand of these grades of steel is negligible in comparison to Mild Steel, no one tries to venture in this segment in India. Whereas the value addition is much more better than that of mild steel.

This segment is somewhat hidden from the Indian Manufacturers, whereas in Germany there are companies which are manufacturing more than 20 Grades in Low Alloy Steel Strips in both HR & CRCA.

glossary of terms related to steel strips

the metallurgical terms used related to steel strip are very difficult to understand for a layman.

To get acquainted with the typical terms like,annealing,austenitizing,killing,fatigue strength,etc., one need a proper glossary, to understand the significance of these terms.

 www.btstrips.com has devoted a special section under their tecnical information page for glossary, in which more or less entire such information is covered.

BTC-complete solution to steel strips.

steel prices go down.

steel prices has gone down globally, in the month of September.This scenario seems to continue till the end of December after which the steel prices will again face an upward trend.

The prices in all CRCA Steel Products has been cut by Rs.1000-1200 per M.T.by all the big manufacturers. The prices does not seem to go down furthur, but atleast furthur price escalation is not expected before January.

complete solution to steel strips.

BTC is the most comprehensive store for steel strips. One can get the widest range of products under one roof.  Carbon Steel Strip(low carbon,medium carbon and high carbon),spring steel strip,low alloy strips(HC21,EN47,16MnCr5,etc) hardened tempered steel strip, all these items we can supply according to the requirement of OEM.

With the widest range of grades in numerous combination of sizes, BTC is a complete solution to steel strip.  

steel strip for conveyor belts.

we can supply steel strips for coveyors upto a maximum width of 520mm.These coveyor belt strips are manufactured, keeping in view the load factor, the temperature at which the conveyor is working, speed, etc.Our conveyor strips are free from cambre and dish and we can supply a small btach quantity also enabling the customer to move on with a low inventory level.

 These strips are basically manufactured in Grades C40,C62 & C80.

Perfect flatness,de-burred edges,minimal sideway movement, these are the parameters which has to be kept in mind while manufacturing steel strip for conveyors. The general hardness required is 35-40 HRC. The heat treatment of the steel needs extraordinary skills of metallurgy to make a perfect conveyor.

iron ore export

The government should ban the exports of iron ore. Might be that there is enough reserves in India for the next 100 years, but that does not mean that free export of iron ore should be allowed.

At present the per capita consumption of steel in India is 35 kgs and it will go upto 100kgs by 2020. To meet that increased consumption will there be enough iron ore by that time. India shold rather give more stress in exporting value added products rather than iron ore. Like China India should follow the strict rule of banning the export of iron ore.

This policy of the Indian Government will decide the future of the Indian Steel Industry.