Demand for Spring Steel Strip on the rise.

Thanks to the auto boom in India. The demand for Spring Steel Strip has increased 3 folds in the last 5 years. The market seem to increase at a constant pace of 15% every year.

Futhur to this, Tha Tatas are setting up plants for their 1 lakh rupees car. If this project of Tata is fulfilled the demand will grow manyfolds.

Besides the Exports for this particular product is on the rise. Good quality at the right price is reason behind the success of the Indian Manufacturers in the Export Market.


The rolling,annealing & finally heat treatment of Carbon Steel Strip or Spring Steel Strip is a matter of great expertise. The desired Physical Properties can never be aechieved if proper spherodization is not done. To judge the right soaking time & temperature to aechieve a desired effect is a matter of great skill.

Furthur ROLLING HARD SPRING STEEL STRIPS are more difficult to be controlled. One has to be very particular in selecting the right thickness from which the material has to be rolled down to the required thickness  to get the desired results as regards hardness,fatigue strength,etc. These strips are tailor made as per the buyer’s specific requirments and we proudly offer a huge range of .05mm to 4mm.

The clients associated with us call us a complete solution to steel strips


Sandvik surface technology represents a new product area for coated products in strip.Developed by Sandvik Materials Technology, these products can be given new and unique properties.

Potential applications for Sandvik surface technology strip products are those with high performance demands on materials, where properties such as corrosion resistance,electrical conductivity,wear resistance and hardness are important.For example, components used in electronic applications may require enhanced surface conductivity.

This is a completely new era in the field of spring steel strip.  


After the drastic price increase in the world market, in the first quarter of 2006, the prices were a bit slugish in the month of July. Studies shows that the prices will go down furthur in the month of August.

Moreover the longterm forecast of steel prices are not very much enthusiastic.

Metal Expert(Research Group) forecasts long term prices (2008-2009) for commodity Grade HRC at anything between $320-$350 per tonne FOB CIS.(

These high fluctuations in the steel sector , has made very difficult on the part of Traders or Re-rollers to get into any long term commitment. 

Indian Steel Industry

“If you look at steel consumption, the future growth will be in China and India,” said Richard Brakenhoff, an analyst at Rabobank NV in Amsterdam.

“We are focusing on India and China, and India is important for us to remain the biggest steel company”, said L. N. Mittal after meeting Orissa chief minister Naveen Patnaik.

Mittal expects India’s steel demand to grow at an average of 7.3 percent a year over the 10-year period and China’s to expand 6.9 percent. Europe’s steel demand will only average 1.9 percent a year, North America’s 1.8 percent a year and Japan at 1 percent a year, Mittal said in a presentation on March 9.


This growth rate is luring the big steel giants to set up huge projects.

Tata, Posco and Mittal are setting giant projects in Orissa.

“Tata Steel plans to increase its capacity to atleast 30 million tonnes in the next 10 years.”(Business Telegraph)

In my opinion, looking to the robust growth in the automobile sector and global outsourcing for components by the automobile giants, the demand for our product, i.e. Steel Strips will grow by at least 10% per annum. The demand for Spring Steel Strip is on a constant rise.

This robust growth scenario, makes me feel that there is no looking back for the Indian Steel Industry, in the times to come.

Prakash Narsaria

Bijoy Trading Company: Launching a new blog

Bijoy Trading Company (BTC) is the most comprehensive store for strip steel, providing its services and expertise since past 50 years. We are a complete solution to Spring Steel Strip and one can get the widest variety of products under one umbrella. We offer the following products off the shelf:

  • Hardened Tempered Strip Steel in Grades C62, C80, C98 & EN47

  • Blue Tempered Steel Strip in Grades C80 & C98.

  • Razor Blade Strips.

  • Low Alloy Steel strips in Grades EN47, HC21 & 75Ni8.

  • High Carbon CRCA Steel Strips in Grades C80 & C98.

  • Medium Carbon CRCA Steel Strips in Grades C-30, C40, C55 & C62.

  • Low Carbon Steel Strips in Grades C20, C30 & Fe410.

  • Mild Steel Strips in Grades O, D, DD & EDD.

  • High Tensile Steel Strappings & Hoop Iron

Apart from the above we also have a separate section dealing in various sorts of tools & cutters. We are specialists for all kinds of Wood & Metal Cutting saws & tools & special purpose Industrial Knives & Cutters.

  • Quality material, timely delivery & competitive pricing is the Mantra of our Business Policies.

We have launched this blog to assist our customers and to-be customers, with the latest information about the day to day changes in the steel markets worldwide and the new technical innovations in our field.

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