Quality Control

Inspection: Each & every batch of material is thoroughly tested from a NABL ACREDIATED LABORATORY. Both mechanical & chemical tests are thoroughly carried out before dispatch of any material to our clients. Our Inspection Team keeps a constant vigil on the following parameters:

Chemical Analysis: It is thoroughly checked that all the elements are within the required norms. The material is out right rejected if there is any deviation as regards the chemical composition.

Mechanical Properties: Hardness, tensile strength, elongation & yield are tested and compared with the clients' requirement. The material is dispatched only if the results are satisfactory.

Dimensions: Thickness, width and length (in case of cut length material) are inspected minutely. It is keenly observed, that no dimensions cross the tolerance limit.

Edge: The parameters as regards the edge are:

Bend Saw Blades

Circular Saw Blades

Cross Saw Blades

Knives Wood Board

Surface parameters: The following points are observed:

*Rust free *Properly oiled *Free from lining, pit marks & other surface defects

After getting the inspection report, the material becomes ready for dispatch. This intensive checking at our end, prevents the hazards of unnecessary rejection at the buyer's end.

Technical Support

At BTC, we try to keep pace with the changing pace of time & technology. We keep ourselves updated with the latest technical innovations & new products. As a result, we are constantly exchanging views with our clients & the outcome is the supply of the most suitable grade of material for a particular application.

Please get in touch right away and give us an idea about your requirements. We will send you full details and a proposal on no-obligation basis as soon as possible.

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